Its a coincidence that I made these just as Najla El Zein’s “Wind Portal” opens at the V & A. This idea was birthed way back when I was invited to be in… Continue reading

Ideas Island

A personal island in Sweden that you can stay on for one week, for free, to work on your ideas in solitude. Apply here    


Louise Claire Gates – Wimbledon College of Art Graduate, 2013 Daniel Kukla, American Photographer

Images from a folder on my desktop

I don’t know why they are relevant, but maybe thats not the point

Amsterdam – Hans Brinker Prize

Initcial Paper Plane Work

This is some documentation of the experiments that went on to become the piece that the TMF group decided to select for their London offices.

Sun Yuan & Peng Yu

Self Portrait, Cornford&Cross + Filming

Self Portrait Cornford & Cross showing The White Bear Effect 2012 at a little gallery in Hackney. Dan came round to the house to work on one of his films earlier in the… Continue reading

Michael Craig Martin makes better art than you, 40 years earlier.

James Hopkins, Spirit level, 2005 Michael Craig-Martin, On the Shelf, 1970.

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