Paintings that make your photos look like shit – Robin Eley

Robin Eley is an Australian “hyper-realist” artist. He is passionate about eduction and has just set up an art school in Adelaide. His work looks like it takes a painfully long time to… Continue reading

Options #1 The Excursion

This year (second year) we are being guinea pigged through a new part of the course called Options (which despite its name is compulsory). We will present a Collaborative piece of work in… Continue reading


Rose Wylie was our lecturer this wednesday. She is an artist of 78 years from Kent. Her work involves creating playful, child like images in an homage to the newspapers she reads and… Continue reading

Damien Worst

So earlier this year I went to Damien Hirsts’ exhibition (4 April – 9 September) at the Tate Modern, who didn’t?. I wish I didn’t. It was terribly underwhelming, the only consolation was… Continue reading

Artist Talk: Franceso Pedraglio

Franceso Pedraglio gave a lecture at Wimbledon today. He is a video artist who is fascinated with literature and has a beard. He talked compellingly about the production of subjectivity, objects and the… Continue reading

Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan is an Italian artist who creates “hyper realist” sculptures. His work has been discribed by the Chief Curator of the Guggenheim museum in New York as “bold and irreverent” & “deadly… Continue reading

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