Images for two films

These are a few images that are helping me with two short films at the moment. The fist set of images are aiding in the writing processes of a short I am still… Continue reading

Playing with the Scanner.

Some are a little reminiscent of Richter? If not, the alliteration defiantly works.

Options #2 Black Beauty

This was a talk given by Michael Mcmillan concerned with the Body and Identity. He talked about his show The Beauty Shop which was about the black body in a consumer culture. Anonymous interviews with… Continue reading

Coffee & Cigarettes

Jim Jarmusch

Spike Jonze – My Favorite Person

Director of features,Were the Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich but his shorts and music videos are, in my opinion, his best work. How They Get There is one of my favourite pieces of… Continue reading

Gavin Worth Sculptures

These Sculptures are beautiful if not only for their simplicity. For more of his work LINK HERE

Shaun of the Dead

Jesse Ash – Artist Talk

Jesse Ash came to talk at Wimbledon this week. He showed work with images that he takes from the media and told us of his interest with the presentation of trust i.e the… Continue reading

Christopher Nolan Short – Doodlebug

This film is wonderful. Its black and white style and clever sequence of shots set the scene well for an astute ending. It is interesting to see the differences and similarities between this… Continue reading

Bob Dylan – Tempest

Bob Dylan, or the name his mother gave him, Robert Zimmerman, released his 35th studio album this year. I’ve listened to it intermittently but only when I have exhausted Beiber and Rebecca Black.… Continue reading

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