Iran calls for destruction of all nukes

I think that there is a lot of warmongering aimed at Iran from western politicians and the media. We are told to be afraid of Iran and that it will surely be the next difficult situation we (the west) have to deal with. Reports out of Iran and interviews with Iranian presidant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seem to suggest that they are not terribly irrational or provocative. I am admittedly ignorant about Iran and its attitude towards the western countries. Although people in the west are not that keen on their side of the globe either (and we’re not being accused of secret nuclear weapons programs), so I can imagine how Ahmadinejad and the Iranian people feel. I think that western politicians play on our ignorance and lack of reliable information to achieve goals that are not in the peoples interests. Iran supports the Palestinian fight against Israel. And an enemy of Israel is an enemy/threat to the western world and its warped view of democracy.