Punishing Dissent

The priorities of the public and those of our governments often seem out of sync. Nowhere does this seem more evident than in the court martial trail of Bradley Manning. Against Manning is the ego driven self interest of the American government in its entirety, supporting him appears to be anyone with any kind of appreciation for moral conviction and human rights. Not Manning’s rights directly (which have been repeatedly trampled by senior officials eager to leave manning with no respite in between interrogations) but those of the civilians in Iraq whose lifes were taken and deaths kept secret. The American government seem hellbent on crucifying a man with enough courage, and respect for truth, and human life that he was prepared to risk the rest of his life to expose his governments acts against these values.

Click for a link to an Article by Glenn Greenwald on the subject.

Petition for the release of Manning.

Petition to award Manning with the Nobel Peace Prize. (Im not sure thats how it works)