London Art UnFair

*London Art Fair. Unfair because every other Wimbledon student we saw on preview night (all three of them) got free tickets from Uni while me and Alex paid top drawer for ours. We managed to find comfort in the bottom of several plastic cups of single malt, Macallan being one of the sponsers of the London art fair, thankfully. We managed to find Lesley (our wonderful Print Technician) who was there promoting Outpost, an artist run gallery based in Norwich. Upon hearing our truly pitiful moaning she produced 2 tickets for the rest of the weeks events. She gave one to each of us and I used mine the following day to attend a talk chaired by Nick Hackworth. The talk was called “A Cyclical Poem” referencing Mary Shelley’s description of Cyclical history. Paul Hill, Ian Beesley, Dorothy Bohm and Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen were among those who where in the talk and whose work was exhibited in Photo50. After the talk I introduced myself to Nick. He and I have a loose connection, my mother was his younger brothers au pair when she first moved to england from turkey. I asked him weather or not I could spend my work placement this year, in his gallery Paradise Row. He kindly said that they would be pleased to have me and told me to email him.

 London Art Fair (cover image, Dorothy Bohm, Madeira 1983)

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click pictures for my write up on a talk by Rose Wylie

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