Options #3 We Are Not Trained Therapists

Link to Blog of Photographs. (Documentation + Blog, Ieuan Solanki)

“We Are Not Trained Therapists”  was the name of our 2013 Options show. The show featured work from both the Fine Art department of Wimbledon College and the Theatre/ Costume Design departments. Our title going into the project was “Body & Identity”, a theme that was led by Beauty Shop Artist Michael McMillan (Previous write up on McMillan and The Beauty Shop) . We spent the first of our two day sessions last year discussing our “beauty regimes”. We each shared quite personal (some more so than others) truths about our lives. The process of sharing such sacred information to each other created an environment of trust. In our second session together we all brought in a piece of creative writing based on what we discussed previously. I took in this poem:

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 15.40.51

We spent the first week of the term discussing the logistics of our ideas. We were tasked with creating a piece based on our creative writing, one that we would show in a fair at the end of the week. We each gave our input based on our different backgrounds. The few of us from film & video would help those from costume design, document their work and shoot any footage. It was inspiring to see students like Bianca Sequeira Martin, a student from costume, create a rather intimate video piece, where her insecurities appeared to be exposed (below). Ieuan Solanki, a student from sculpture, was another who adopted video in his piece. His work became more documentation of  an endurance based performance. His performance demanded him to stand still for four hours. Two hours of which he would be wearing his oldest t-shirt and for the second two hours he would stand shirtless it a cold dark theatre. (photo bellow)



These are some photos of my video piece “Comb Your Not Alone

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