Dont Believe Everything Your Parents & Physicists Tell You

This is an article that explains how physicist, Abhas Mitra, is poking holes in some of the “Big Bangs” widely accepted cosmic concepts like “dark energy” and the expansion of the universe…

LINK – Indian physicist questions ‘Big Bang’ basics.

vitro egg

This image shows sperm and an egg (or ovum) at the moment of conception by in vitro fertilization (IVF). The egg is surrounded by protective cumulus cells around the outside surface, colored yellow. The sperm need to penetrate the membrane surrounding the egg, called the zona pellucida, if successful fertilization is to occur. This image received an award from the Wellcome Trust, as part of the annual Wellcome Image Awards, for its ability to communicate the wonder and fascination of science.

Credit: Spike Walker, Wellcome Images