I forget how important music is more than I care to admit. The unfortunate result of this is that I am always reminded far to late. But I am grateful to be reminded at all. I have always made work that involves pianos, subconsciously it must be to reflect how high I hold music on the scale of life’s necessities and my need to be reminded of its potent healing powers. I use pianos because they are the only instrument I have ever been able to crudely squeeze a tune out of. The piece bellow I am still finishing and the others are early works.

A 4×6.5inch Musical Sculpture, 2011. This is 1/3 in a series of these small box sculptures. They each have a small speaker inside which quietly plays a song that you have to strain your ears to hear.

This is a bad photo of the peice but I have no others to hand. This piece was an exercise in making, being more enjoyable to produce than to show. After I showed it people kept asking me if i had seen the film “UP” but I hadn’t and I still haven’t. This is how I described the work in 2010 (we where all young once);

 The Action of Flight- An interactive piece set in the woods (dog walking area). Suspended by helium balloons was “the action” from an old piano, it had crashed into a tree on its way down and was left there for passers by to enjoy.