Christopher Nolan Short – Doodlebug

This film is wonderful. Its black and white style and clever sequence of shots set the scene well for an astute ending. It is interesting to see the differences and similarities between this early piece and Nolan’s hollywood Blockbusters like the Batman trilogy or Inception. Christopher Nolan investigates, through his films, subjects and themes that seem to interest him most. This interest is reflected in the quality of the films direction and the involvement of Nolan in many of the other aspects of the films production e.g editing, writing, producing. Subjects often include the importance of memory; Inception 2010 and more notably in connection to Doodlebug is his 2000 film Memento. In a tutorial we held yesterday at lunch time, Dan mentioned that he was looking at the surrealist, dada photographer, Man Ray. Doodlebug is a moving Man Ray. It is a portrait of a man on the edge, after discovering and trying to destroy the truth of reality. But clearly not conceiving of all its awful possibilities.