Bob Dylan – Tempest

Bob Dylan, or the name his mother gave him, Robert Zimmerman, released his 35th studio album this year. I’ve listened to it intermittently but only when I have exhausted Beiber and Rebecca Black. I wander if she and Conrad Black are related, being an awful person is genetic right? I hope this is not the only write up that mentions Rebecca Black and Bob Dylan in the same paragraph. The album is… wonderful. Having only listened to a couple of his early albums I have about 32 in between that prevent me from making any kind of informed decision of its comparative brilliance. Never the less I enjoyed it. It is totally different from the mind bending puzzle of songs like Its Alright Ma (Im Only Bleeding) 1965. The title of the album ,Tempest, seems to be a suggestive nod to Shakespeare and in the same motion a wave good bye to making records. But I believe this has been contested by Dylan himself (although I am probably wrong about this).  Tempest is never as sentimental or as nostalgic as songs like Girl From The North Country 1963 or Shelter from the Storm 1975But it still has allot to offer. It has Catchy blues riffs and an old folky sound. Some songs can get a bit repetitive and none have the spunk that filled the balls of Like a Rolling Stone 1965. Buy it though, its good.

>A second, perhaps more well informed opinion.<