Artist Talk: Franceso Pedraglio

Franceso Pedraglio gave a lecture at Wimbledon today. He is a video artist who is fascinated with literature and has a beard. He talked compellingly about the production of subjectivity, objects and the abstract object. He spoke about the relationship between storytelling and silence, how the two do not run parallel away from each other but rather they meet at a cross point (it sounds strange but at the time he drew diagrams which defiantly cleared it up). Franceso is strongly inspired by literature so instead of monotonously going through every piece of his work and explaining why he did it and where it showed, Franceso decided to concentrate on sharing some of his literary influences. Most of his ideas come from books, he spoke of Bartley & Enrique Vila Matas. 

The book is 86 footnotes instead of prose. One of the stories is of a boy who quits writing after his parents invited his litarary hero, Gombrowicz, to dinner. The boy is struck by the imaginative genius of Gombrowicz and feels “like a piece of furniture” in his presence. He quits writing explaining that “furniture does not write” knowing that nothing he writes could ever compare. With this he begins to paint. He paints furniture and calls is “self portrait” all he ever paints from then on is furniture and he continues to call it “self portrait”.

A book Franceso described as a “must read” was, Kosmos by the genius from the previous book, Witold Gomrowitcz. Apparently both books deal with how the protagonists’ cope with their own subjectivity when considering objects and situations.

He talked about many other books and shared a trailer for Alfred Hitchcocks film “The Trouble With Harry”. He showed this because he believed that the trailer was better than the film itself. The film is about the characters’ relationship with Harry which is slowly revealed during the film.

Some of Franceso Pedraglio’s work can be seen HERE